White Rock Lake Family Session

We had quite the week in the Holder household.  It all started off with Aria finding her inner Texan and pretending mommy’s external hard drive was a lasso.  Needless to say, Aria- 1 | Hard Drive – 0 | Mommy – full blown meltdown.

Over the past few months, I have continuously thought, “I should get a back up hard drive.”  But as a mother of two; ages 3 years and 7 months, I just haven’t had time to go get one.  🙁  We tried all the avenues to retrieve the data all with no success.  But since the images on that hard drive are extremely precious (our wedding, births of Aria and Declan and every month after); as well as all of our photography business photos, we will be shelling out the $$ to get the data retrieved professionally.  Please say a little prayer for us that this works.

Thankfully I didn’t reformat all of my SD cards and was able to continue editing images from our sessions this weekend.  My happy place is 100% behind the camera, but when I am not taking pictures, my second happy place is editing images.  Especially ones as cute as this family’s.

Meet the Hudson family.  I was lucky to take pictures of their little Lane when he was 2 weeks old.  5.5 months have gone by and I have learned a ton in between sessions.  We met up on Saturday to take 6 month pictures of Lane and more of the whole family.  The day was super cloudy and cold (for this time of year in Texas) so we desperately needed blankets during the session.  Thankfully we both brought a white blanket which created such magic during our session.  The kiddos stayed warm and we took some of the sweetest images to date.  Check them out below!

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