Arbor Hills Anniversary Session

In life you meet people that you just KNOW deep down are good people.  This was the case with a fellow photographer, Rebecca Hicks, who reached out to me about a month ago to help her photograph her brother’s wedding.  She was a bridesmaid AND the main photographer for the day and really needed help capturing the ceremony.  We met for coffee (a chocolate smoothie on my part) to discuss the upcoming wedding and I by the time we separated, I thought to myself, “she is just the sweetest person ever!”

1. I couldn’t believe that a photographer in my community would actually reach out to me to help them photograph a wedding.

2. I couldn’t believe she had such faith in me even though I had never shot a wedding before.

We had so much fun the day of the wedding!  I learned so much watching her take charge of 20 family members at a time and she was an absolute pro at posing a large bridal party.  🙂

A couple of weeks later the opportunity to pay back her kindness.  She and Issac were about to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary and were looking at ways to photograph their pictures alone with a tripod.  Now I know she definitely would have done a wonderful job at this, but photographs are never the same on a tripod as they could have been with a photographer behind the camera moving with them.

I jumped at the opportunity to show her how grateful I am for her and offered to take these images as a gift.  I am so blessed to have met Rebecca.  It is rare to find people in this world who are giving, willing to uplift others and brighten up a room like she does.  I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do!


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