What’s Up with the Holders?

This summer we had a delayed heat wave, which I will forever be grateful for.  But the heat is finally here and we are finding ways to keep the kiddos busy while trying to stay cool and (preferably) in the shade.

Our favorite thing to do together is go to the pool.  Aria is a little fish.  She loves the water so much and hates to leave whenever we say it is time.  Declan on the other hand still isn’t fully sure of the pool.  It his first summer on the earth and time in the water.  I’m not sure he has figured out yet that you cannot breathe under the water.  LOL!  Keeping his head above water can be a workout in its own.

The second thing we have been doing is not so glamorous or fun, but we have been letting the kiddos destroy their room with play time.  I am usually someone who keeps a clean house, so during the day, my chest is a little tight.  I know that they love it, so we are letting them have at it, but each night Nick or I sneak in to pick up most of the damage.  This way they can have fun wrecking it all again the next day.

What are some fun things you guys like to do with your little ones during the summer?  I’d love to hear.  Send me a message.  🙂

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