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What you wear in your photographs is just as important as the location you choose.  Today we are going to talk about how to choose colors based on the backdrop that you have chosen.  If your goal is to have that light, airy, dreamy look in your photographs, color choice is key.  Let’s go over color choices that POP based on the location you are being photographed in.

The Lake

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures at the lake (or in front of any body of water for that matter.)  The beauty of the water in the background gives us so many options.  You can sit by the edge of the water in the grass.  You can take images on a dock.  You can stand on a cliff that drops off into the water.  Either way, the one major thing that will stay consistent is the color of the water.  Now I know not all water is blue, but the majority of the time, it is going to reflect to a shade of blue all the way to brown.  When choosing your colors, you’ll want to pick a shade that pops up against blue or brown.  If you are by blue water, whites, reds, pinks, yellows, oranges really POP.  If you are by a lake of water that has more of a brown tint, greens, whites, blues, pinks all look fantastic.  My tip to get the dreamy look is to go pastel.  Pastels bring out a creaminess in images that just cannot be matched with bold, bright colors.


A Field

My second favorite place to take images is in a field of tall grass or wheat.  Especially at the time of year where the grass/wheat has taken on the lighter shade of tan/yellow.  Not only does a field at sunset allow those beautiful back lit pictures, the lightness of nature brings a whole new level of dreamy.  When choosing your outfits for this location, color choices that really rock are whites, pinks, blues, reds, purples, yellows.  Most of the time, you will still have some green grass to it, so I would avoid the shade of green as much as possible.  Again, pastels are the most beautiful way to keep your images light and airy, so finding a pastel shade of those colors really rocks.


The City

One thing that I love about city photographs is that rules really don’t apply.  You can get away with pretty much any color possible.  The only color I would be a little wary of is green if you plan on taking pictures at a local park throughout the session.  The key is to know ahead of time which locations you will be shooting at in an urban area and try your best not to match the background.  🙂


Next week we will go over in more detail how to play off your color choices with each other to create a dreamy styled photo.  🙂  If you missed our last blog about how to choose your location for the dreamy photographs, check it out here.

Have a great week ya’ll!



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