Declan’s First Year Adventure

This month our baby boy turns 1!!!  I can’t believe it.  The year has gone by WAY too fast.  There are times where I feel so guilty and I feel like I missed out on his sweet little life.  Aria takes up a lot of our time and when I compare the two experiences, Aria’s first year vs Declan’s first year, I take note that I remember more of the tiny little details from Aria’s.  She was our full priority, whereas poor Declan has to share us.

Although I will say having a second child has been so unique.  Watching him grow up with an older sibling to play with, laugh at, and try to keep up with has been amazing.  Poor Aria was all alone throughout her first year and my heart feels full knowing that he will always have his older sister to lean on.

When I think about Declan and the year he has had, I feel the need to put pen to paper and write all this down so I don’t forget a detail as he grows up.  Here are all the cool things Mr. Declan has been able to experience in his first year.

Declan’s 1st Year Adventure:

  1. He was a wolf for his first Halloween (sister was Little Red) which he participated in when he was only 6 weeks old.
  2. He has traveled to Missouri countless times to spend time with his family/cousins.
  3. He met all three of his great-grandmothers to which one past away about a month after his visit.
  4. He even met his great-great-grandmother on his daddy’s side of the family.  Soooo crazy!  I think photos of 5 generations are going to be really hard to come by down the line.
  5. He crawled early at 7 months of age and has been on the go ever since.
  6. He STILL hasn’t slept through the night, which has given him a lot of special late night attention from his mommy and daddy (mostly daddy).
  7. He spent Christmas and Easter both in Missouri.
  8. His first word was “dadda”.
  9. He loves playing with balls and now loves to scoot things across the floor.  I think play cars are in order for his birthday.
  10. He loves swinging at the park and going for walks in his bike while sister rides her scooter.
  11. He is the happy hour king!!!!  And goes often enough for mommy to keep her sanity. lol!
  12. He LOVES playing with his friends at daycare and church.  Thankfully most of his age playmates are also boys which is really fun.
  13. He has two faces.  Either super serious or the cheesiest smile in the world.
  14. He has had about 5 ear infections in the first 7 months of his life.  Thank God that all stopped.
  15. He has 8 teeth and has continually been in the top 95% or above in height for his age.
  16. He loves playing catch and throwing food off of his tray for Isabelle (the dog).

All in all, this has been a great year.  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for my little man.


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