4 Ways to Let Your Guests Know You Are Having an Unplugged Wedding

With all the details a bride has to plan before their wedding day, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Each detail is so important and when you add them all together, you are creating your dream wedding.  Choosing a color scheme, the style, the cake, the dresses, the invitations, the photographer, DJ, coordinator, etc.  It’s enough to make your head spin.  By being wrapped up in all the details of the day, setting expectations for your guests may not even cross your mind.

Recently, brides have been questioning me about whether or not you should allow your guests to bring their own cameras/phones to their ceremony.  My response to each of these brides has been, “What do you envision your dream ceremony photographs to look like?”


*Google Image.

Or this…

Father and daughter on their way to the altar.*Google Image.

I think these photos really sum up the REALITY of allowing your guests to bring their phones into a ceremony.  I know each person means well.  They all want to show the world each detail of your special day from their point of view.  The only problem with this is… You walk away from your wedding day with photos of other people’s phones/cameras.  Are these the type of pictures you want to put into your wedding album?  If your answer is no, I have put together some simple steps that you can do before the wedding day to let your guests your desire of an “uplugged wedding”.

Tip #1: Add it to your wedding invitations.

There are many bride and grooms who choose to have a “child-free” wedding day and they let guests know in their invitations that it will be “adults only.”  Why not add a cute little blurb that you are planning an “unplugged wedding.”

Tip #2: Let guests know as they enter your ceremony site.

Many unplugged weddings will have cute signs hung or placed near the entrance of the ceremony site as a quick reminder for guests to keep their phones hidden.

Tip #3: Let others help you remind your guests.

It is your wedding day and we don’t want you to have to worry about reminding guests about your “unplugged wedding” choice.  Let your close friends, parents,  and family members know of your wishes.  They can remind people as they are being seated to put their phones up.  These people want the best for you on your wedding day and will happily help you out.

Tip #4: Put your wedding coordinator to work.

If you feel uncomfortable having family or friends remind folks of your wishes, let your wedding coordinator step up to the plate.  They can remind people on your behalf OR they could do a “phone check” (kinda like a coat check).  They can take phones and contact names for each phone as people come to your ceremony.



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