Maternity Portrait Session | Mitchell Family

When you are an expectant mother, the whole world seems so uncertain.  You do your best to prepare yourself for this major life change.  You plan, pray and take moments to enjoy the feeling of your unborn child growing in your womb.  You spend days/weeks organizing a nursery, finding daycare (if you plan to go back to work), prepping for the hospital stay and the costs that come with delivery.  You uncomfortably move through your tasks praying that your body will go back to “normal” once you deliver your sweet little nugget.  And you wish you could speed up the whole process as you are just dying to meet your little one and hold them in your arms for the very first time.

This season of life is unique and one of a kind.  Everything you do hereafter will be for the sake of your child.  You are naturally the caregiver and along the way it is easy to forget to stop and lock this moment, this season into your memory bank for life.

I have had the pleasure of knowing miss Brittany for the past two years.  Our relationship began as a working one.  She was an intern for me at my last corporate fitness account and I knew instantly during her interview that she and I had the potential to become great friends.  Two years later, I was right.  I have been blessed to change accounts with the option of hiring another full time associate and I choose her.  😁. Now we get to spend every day together and I get to watch (front row center) her and Zach grow into parents.


She was a little hesitant to take maternity photos, but is sooo glad she did.  I mean, seriously, I don’t think you can find a cuter mom-to-be.


I hope you guys enjoy this session as much as I do!

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