Hill Country Wedding

The heavens kissed the earth the day that Ethan and Beka wed.  As the clouds settled in, so did their family and friends.  All bundled up under blankets as the two vowed to love and cherish one another until death do them part.

From the getting ready rooms to the pre-ceremony photographs, Ethan and Beka were bouncing with excitement to see one another.  Their friends and family were full of smiles as they helped them settle into their attire.


They prayed over them.



They laughed and encouraged them.



And most importantly, they were there to show these two how much they loved and supported them.



As the ceremony drew nearer, they each took a big breath.  Ready to commit to one another & to see the other down the aisle.  Beka joked about 10 minutes before the ceremony.  “He’s still there, right?!?!”  To many cheers of, “you know it!”



And as Beka entered, Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes.  His beautiful bride was EVERYTHING he could have ever asked for.  She was stunning!


And beaming from ear to ear.



God surely blessed these two.  He knew!  From the beginning, years ago, that these two very special Christ-loving children were meant for one another.  His presence was felt among all as Ethan and Beka washed away the life BEFORE.  Before each other.  Before this moment.  Before they entered AFTER.  (A time where they will build a fulfilling life together.)



The ceremony was filled with music, laughter and moments of praise.



When it was time, they made their vows.  The ones that they had written for each other.



And they sealed it with a KISS.



Finally!!!  Mr. and Mrs. Springer!!!



The rest is history folks!  These two are ready!  Ready to share this life together.  Praising the Lord.  Raising children.  And being the sole confidante and supporter for one another the rest of their lives.



They were off!  Ready to spend the night in each other’s arms, dancing the night away.



Congratulations, Ethan and Beka!!!  Thank you for allowing Nick and I to photograph your beautiful wedding at last minute.  We are so blessed to have met you both and wish you many years of joy, laughter and kisses!



~Nick and Kelli Holder



  1. Goy Ling Ling says:

    Awww so BEAUTIFUL😍🎉🎊🎎.
    Awesome couple!
    Skillful photography!
    Wonderful memories captured!
    Special Blessings be upon you, Beka n Ethan as you journey as ONE from here on!

  2. JR says:

    Congratulation Ethan and Beka! What a beautiful picture of God’s love.

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