Frisco, Texas Family Session

Her tired little eyes said it all…


It was 6:30pm on a HOT spring day in Texas and this little pumpkin was ready for bed.  Getting in front of a camera was not on her to-do list for the day.


Parker just turned one and is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Blake and Amanda shined with pride as they introduced their little girl to me for the first time.  Her sweet little face and tired blue eyes made my mommy heart explode by all the adorableness wrapped into one tiny little human.  It took me back to our first year with Aria.  All the long nights of rocking her to sleep, the struggles with breastfeeding, the milestones she reached and the love Nick and I felt for her.  Just looking at Blake and Amanda, I could tell they felt the same way we did.  Proud of themselves to have kept a little human alive for a whole year and sooo in love with their daughter.


Parker was a little timid at the beginning but as Amanda playfully tickled her, her eyes started to sparkle.  This girl definitely loves her momma!  She would reach for Amanda any chance she got throughout the session.  Blake would be holding her for some daddy and me photos and Amanda would be acting silly behind me with Parker’s eyes completely fixed towards her.  It was so adorable to watch.


There are times when you meet a couple and you can just tell that they are great parents.  Amanda and Blake truly are great parents.  You can tell that they have developed a system that works perfectly for them.  They knew exactly when to switch without even saying a word.  All in the efforts to keep Parker as happy as she possibly could be.  Because, let’s be honest…  Photographs in 100 degree heat is never easy; even for an adult!  They had Parker’s favorite bunny ready to go and played plenty of peek-a-boo games behind me.


I am in awe by how much my clients trust me and know that even when the circumstances are not perfect, their photographs are still going to look amazing.  And thank God today was no exception.  It was one of those days where you just don’t want to be touched since you are sweating profusely.  Amanda and Blake were such champs and were willing to even sit down on the ground and snuggle up close for me.  I’m so blessed to have the clients that I do.


Through the heat we were able to capture some great photographs.  I hope you guys love them as much as I do.  Enjoy!



Blake & Amanda,

Thank you for trusting me to photograph your sweet family on Saturday!  I know the heat wasn’t ideal, but you guys were so trusting and I loved being able to meet your sweet little girl.  Parker is truly lucky to have you both as her parents.   I hope you love and cherish these photographs for years to come as Parker is just the sweetest little thing.  I can’t wait to see her as she grows.


Kelli Holder

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