The Story of Us | Part 1

Today, my sweet husband and I can officially say we have been married for 5 YEARS!  🙂


5 whole years!!!  I can’t believe it.  It feels like we have been together for a whole lifetime already.  As the day goes on, I am finding myself reminiscing on our 5 years of marriage + the 5 years of dating prior and how it all started.  So needless to say… I’m going to put “pen to paper” and write a blog series about us.




One that I hope our children can read 20 years down the road and know just how blessed we were to love each other so deeply.  Each Friday, I’ll add a little more to our story for you sweet readers.  Enjoy!



“Hey! Can you open the door for me?” were the first words I heard as I approached my new college dorm for the first time.  I looked back and saw this gorgeous guy approaching me with 3 stacks of water bottles.  As I fumbled with the keys, he said, “It’s ok,” and put down his water to help me with the door.  Absolutely mortified, I said, “Thanks!” and quickly walked away hoping that I hadn’t embarrassed myself too much.


A few hours later, I walk into our dorm’s social space for a floor meeting and there he was again!!


Within a few hours, I found out his name was Nick and that he + the majority of our floor belonged to the Theta Xi fraternity.  I was literally one of 3 girls on our entire floor!


As the weeks went by, I slowly became closer with all the guys.  We watched movies, went outside and climbed trees, hung out at their fraternity house and walked to classes with one another.  But the person that I ended up spending most of my time without really noticing was Nick.


We had the same major and found ourselves in mostly shared classes.  We would walk to and from class together talking about our lectures and would end up studying for exams when crunch time approached.


As the years went by, we developed a really good friendship.  I knew that Nick was someone I could trust.  He was someone who cared about his friends and family.  He was genuine with his words and his time.  He was someone that everyone loved.  It was hard to dislike anything about this quirky, adorable guy.



The Summer before my last semester on campus, we were all hanging out at the fraternity house.  The summers were the best because most people went home and only the closest of friends spent time together without all the extra people around.  It was late in the night and I was feeling pretty bold and decided to make the decision and ask HIM out. He paused and said, “hold on, let me think about this.”  Leaving me feeling completely ridiculous.  I was thinking over and over, “OH my God! I just ruined our friendship!”


A few minutes later, he came back and said, “Yes”.  To much relief on my end.  He later told me that he was just nervous to ruin our friendship too.  He knew me so well at this point and he didn’t want to mess anything up between us or make our friendship group awkward.


From that moment on, we were inseparable.  We fit together so naturally that it was a shock we didn’t try dating long before.  Even our friends, once they found out, were like, “It’s about dang time!!!”  😊


As graduation approached, we decided to move to Texas.  This was one the hardest decisions we have ever made together.  To leave our family and friends behind and start a new chapter in a city where we knew no one.


Fun days at the Theta Xi house!!!


Our Journey to Texas & Starting a Life Together comes next.  🙂

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