A Dallas, TX Surprise Proposal

I met Zach a couple of days before he proposed to Annie.  He was full of energy and excitement as he described how he wanted to propose to the love of his life.  Each detail meticulously planned out.  From the dropped pin on the location to the board of mementos he kept from each experience they shared.  He was over the moon for this girl!  I quickly said, “yes” to photographing his special moment.  I was so excited for him and being in on the surprise was thrilling!

The day before, Zach met me so he could give me all the materials he wanted posted at the proposal location.  As I looked at his board, I could see this beautiful life he and Annie shared together.  Meeting on a mountain as they snow boarded to the concerts they attended.  I felt so blessed to be able to experience their life together in such a snapshot sort of way.  I already cared for both of them so much and wanted his special day to go perfectly.

When I arrived at the park, I went to his pin drop and found the best spot for photographs along the sidewalk in front of a gorgeously aged tree.  And waited.  And waited.  These 20 minutes of wait felt like hours as my stomach was drawn in knots.   It was as if this was my proposal to give.  LOL!  I started thinking, “this has got to be what he feels like now as he drives here.”

Zach’s plan was perfect.  He loves historical markers and learning all about the area’s past.  And he knew that Annie knew this as well.  As he drove closer, he said he heard there was a historical marker in this park and she said, “well then we have to stop.”  He pulled over and walked her across the street.

As I see him enter the park, I knew he had a little bit of a way to go before they reached his proposal location.  So I pretended to photograph the flowers, the lake, the people.  Anything I could find so I didn’t look like I belonged to them.  This was the hardest thing ever!  I was really hoping that there would be a hidden bush nearby, but no such luck.  So I pretended not to notice them as I slowly walked closer.

They approached the location and Annie practically stopped in place as she noticed the board along the sidewalk.  Then she curiously walked closer and noticed that it was pictures of them and stubs from events they attended.  This is when Zach started to speak, holding her hand ever so lightly and went down to one knee.

I was far enough away for them to have their privacy.  But slowly inched closer so I could see her face better as she said, “YES!”  Full of happy tears flowing down her cheeks.  It was by far one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed.



Annie and Zach,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to witness your love up close.  It is obvious that God created you to be a compliment for the other.  I am in awe of the way you both light up the moment you look at the other.  This type of love is rare and beautiful.  Cherish one another and may you be blessed throughout your engagement.  I pray that you grow closer to one another as you plan out your special day.

Best wishes!

Kelli Holder

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