A Chapel at Ana Villa Wedding

As tears filled his eyes, Gene held onto the microphone.  He could feel the weight of it in his hands as he searched for the perfect words to say.  Words that he had been preparing for the last 20 years as he watched his baby girl grow into the woman that now sat in front of him.  The weight of this moment wasn’t lost on him.  It’s not every day a father “gives away” his only daughter to the man of her dreams.  He started the speech simply with, “Jake, I cannot give Danielle away.  I choose to share her with you.”


Everyone in the room, at this very minute could feel the love Gene felt for his daughter.  A love was whole-heartedly shared by all.


Each couple that I have photographed has been wonderfully unique and perfect in their own way.  I am a firm believer that God knows what he was doing when he created man.  He finds a way to guide us through life to find our perfect match.  This person may not always agree with us or have the same opinions on life, but they will equally and passionately love you through all the ups and downs.  And I am a firm believer that God knew what he was doing when he created these two.  He created them both to find joy in life.  He created them both to be exceptional, caring friends.  He created them both to be anchors for those around them.  And he created them to LOVE one another passionately.


Jake and Danielle are two people that have the most genuine smile, that openly welcome people into their lives and are motivated by living their best lives.  It’s no surprise that their wedding day was a perfect reflection of themselves; full of fun, laughter and excitement.  Their bridal party included 18 of their best friends.  Friends that knew the moment they saw Jake and Danielle together, (no matter the distance) these two were meant for one another.  They supported Jake and Danielle through thick and thin, helping guide them towards one another.


This was the first wedding I have attended or photographed where not one, or two, but 11 bridal party members had prepared a toast for the couple.  Each toast filled with love, humor and tears of joy.  But mostly, filled with stories about how Jake and Danielle have enhanced their lives by knowing the two.


Friendship.  LOVE.  Support.


These three words continued to spin through my head throughout the day at I witnessed Jake and Danielle’s closest friends and family come together to support them.


The moment the bridal party toasts were complete, Gene stepped up to the microphone.  He gave thanks for his daughter and the wonderful years they shared, for Jake, the man that lights up his daughter’s eyes, for the beautiful family she married into and for the days of playing Butterfly Kisses.


He knows in his heart that she made the right choice.  The choice to say, “YES!” to Jake.  You can tell that there is no doubt in his mind that Jake will provide and love for Danielle all the days of her life.



Jake & Danielle,

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day.  I am so glad that God put you guys into my life.  You are both amazing stars that shine brightly on those around you.  I cannot wait to see where the future guides you!!!

Love you both!




A huge SHOUT OUT to all the amazing vendors:

Venue: Chapel at Ana Villa

Florist: Event Stems

Cake & other Desserts: Linda’s Cake Walk

DJ: DJ Bigg Dave

Hair and Makeup Artist: Tease to Please

2nd Photographer: Courtney Bosworth Photography

3rd: Photographer: Kimberly Harrell Photography

Catering: Walter’s Wedding Estates

Bridal Gown: Lasting Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Azazie

Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade

Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Save the Dates/Invitations: Etsy!




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