A White Rock Lake Engagement Session

When I met Lauren and Byron back in October, I immediately knew I wanted to photograph their wedding.  Not only were they getting married on my birthday (which is a definitely upgrade on the type of cake I would have made myself), I felt completely myself with them.  We met at Starbucks and quickly feel into the type of conversation that you would with a close friend.


Their engagement session was exactly the same!  I walked away so happy with the images we got, but also with two new friends.


These two couldn’t be more perfect for each other.  As we walked from location to location, Byron would make sure Lauren had her comfy shoes to walk in and Lauren would just light up each time he said something to her.  They have a perfect rhythm.  Always meeting each other half way.


One thing that stands out about these two is how they met.


In my heart, I know God knows your better half before you do.  For me, I heard Him gently whisper in my ear that I already knew the one who was right for me.  It just took me three years to realize that it was Nick all along.  But for them, it was attending a Bible study on their college campus.  God placed these two in the same room at the exact right moment.  A moment where they were open and ready to share their lives with one another.


I cannot wait for this wedding.  Not only is it my 33rd birthday, but it’s going to be so special for me to watch them marry one another.  (And to do it with my husband as my second photographer, is the icing on the “birthday” cake.)





Byron & Lauren,

Thank you so much for trusting me to walk you guys all around White Rock Lake for your engagement session!!!  I had the best time with you both!!!  You are an example of how great our God is.  That he can bring the perfect match into our lives without us expecting it.  🙂

Your wedding is going to be spectacular and I cannot wait to photograph you both say, “I do!!!!”

Love you both!

Kelli Holder

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