Lance & Lauren | An Arbor Hill Engagement Session

Ok, so you know you are behind on blogging when you photographed their wedding two days ago!!!  (Insert slap in the face emoji, Kelli!!!!)


No matter the difference a month makes, I’m still so blessed to have met this couple.  I met Lance and Lauren like I do with all in-town couples at a Starbucks.  And when they showed up in casual comfy clothes, I immediately knew they were my type of people.  Real moment here… One of the main (of many) reasons I got a Exercise Science degree was to find a full time job that allowed me to wear athleisure wear every hour of my life.  I mean, really…  LOL!  Nick will come home on most days and will get out of his “work clothes” aka sweats and put on khaki pants and a nice shirt.  Early on, I always asked him where we were headed off to since he got so fancy… LOL!  Now I know he just hasn’t fully embraced the athleisure wear lifestyle.  (A continued work in progress… 😉  )


Fast forward life a few months and here we were at Arbor Hills on a beautiful March day with these three amazing people; photographing a special engagement session.  For me it was the first time that one of my bride’s kiddos got to tag along.  Now that I know this family more, it makes total sense for Ryland to have been with us that day.  Lance was marrying both Ryland and her mother, Lauren.  He was committing himself fully to the both of them.


Lauren’s love for Lance and his ability to FULLY love and adore her daughter is everything.


Watching him with Ryland throughout the session was so fun for me.  He helped her change from outfit to outfit.  Parented her on whether or not to bring home a 6 foot stick.  And was the perfect jungle gym for an 8 year old, being the one that she jumped on to play with.  He has clearly taken on a father role for Ryland.  It’s all a mother can wish for her child.  For there to be a man that steps into her life that loves her and her child so fully.  And Ryland is one lucky girl to have two fathers who love her dearly.


I really hope you guys love this session as much as I do.  Maybe I’m still in the gooey love-mist that follows a wedding day because I am so excited to share with you all the details from this past Sunday.  But that’ll have to be for another day.  🙂


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