Conkle Family | An Arbor Hills Family Session

I think Jim Croce said it best…

“If I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I’d like to do 

Is to save every day

‘Til eternity passes away 

Just to spend them with you”


Those lyrics kept popping up in my head as I edited this sweet family of three’s family session.  “If I could save time in a bottle…”


Each session is so uniquely special from the last, but those words sum up everything I do for my families and couples.  I get the opportunity to “save time in a bottle” for them through photographs.


When it relates to children, I think these sessions are even sweeter.  They will never be this young again.  They will never give you those same sweet smirks, hugs, kisses with such innocence and fierceness.  Each day they grow a little older, a little more independent.  We are raising a new generation of children who will one day walk out into this world all on their own and to look be able to look back on pictures of them at the special age of two is priceless.


Aria always tells me that she never want to leave me and wants to live with me forever.  I soak in those words, because I know the day will come (far too soon) where she is ready to get as far away from me and Nick as possible.  LOL!  But there in a photograph in that single moment, she is locked into my memory for a lifetime.


I’m so blessed to have clients like the Conkle family.  This was our second year getting together for a session and BOY do we have a tradition now of choosing the HOTTEST day in the month.  LOL!  But the way they roll with the punches and show up with their happiest selves, leaves me so grateful.



Amanda & Blake,

Thank you again for choosing to allow me the opportunity to photograph your sweet family.  Parker is absolutely adorable and is one of the best behaved kiddos I’ve ever photographed.  I cannot wait to continue to see her grow older each year we get together.

Love you bunches!


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