Amanda & Jana | An Ennis Texas Bluebonnet Engagement Session

It’s amazing how the friendships you created ten years ago reemerge into your life down the road.  When Nick and I first moved to Texas, we both worked in Irving, TX supporting the Citi group corporate wellness account.  We were both so lucky to be a part of this team of ten amazing health professionals.  Even though we were dispersed between two separate locations, our team worked closely together and along the way, we became really good friends.


These were the folks we would spend all our work hours and non-work hours with for the first couple of years living here.  We had a blast at work and even more fun outside sharing stories, going on trips and having drinks at one of our homes/apartments.


I’m so thankful for this time in my life.  It’s the first time that we experienced true independence.  Living 600 miles away from your closest relative will do that to you.


Very quickly we all became more than colleagues and friends… We were more like family.


But as time does it’s thing, we all moved into new positions, new cities and slowly started the next chapter in our lives.


So when a Facebook message to popped up on my phone one day from Amanda, I was soooo unbelievably excited.  She had met the love of her life and they were getting MARRIED.  And better yet, she wanted me to be their photographer!!!!


Of course I said, “YES!” right away!!!


I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity to meet Jana.  When we met at their engagement session in Ennis, TX, it was immediately obvious that Jana is Amanda’s perfect half.  The ease of their relationship was something to be admired.  I love how they gently picked on one another and how their eyes light up when they looked at each other.  And… how ever since the day met, they knew RIGHT away that this was a relationship that was too special to give up.  🙂



Jana & Amanda,

Guys!  I cannot wait for your wedding day.  I have this huge smile on my face as I write this blog because all I can think of when I think of you two is HAPPINESS.  I’m so happy that you found one another.  Your relationship is so special and one to emulate.  🙂  Continue to love one another fiercely.



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