Burkhaulter Family | A Frisco Commons Family Session

I’m so blessed to do what I do!!  I get to meet amazing families like the Burkhaulters each time I go into a family portrait session.  I am allowed the opportunity to witness their family through a camera lens and lock memories into a photograph for them to hold onto for years to come.  I know we are moving into more of a digital age, but to me having a picture printed on paper is priceless.  These are the items left behind for your grandchildren to flip through.  These are the moments that as a mother, you get to relive your child at a young age.


Memory is a fickle thing.  Each day, we try our best to absorb everything happening and the way our kiddos are.


When Aria was little, I felt like I had all day to stare at her.  I would take in every wrinkle of her hands, every little smile she gave and every, “I love you, mommy.”  The other day, I was snuggling with Declan on the couch and he wanted to give me a high five.  And it broke my heart when I realized it, that I haven’t just looked at him lately.  I took the moment to take in his hands that day and how they are perfectly the same proportion as when he was little.  Long fingers and a smaller palm.  Right then and there, I felt this desire to photograph him.  To lock him at the age of two into my memory the best way I knew how.


When I met Natalie and Justin, I had this wonderful sensation that they were very similar.  They are enjoying their first born child to the fullest and wanted to lock her special one year old self into their memories.  <Insert child’s name> is the sweetest little girl.  When you meet a kiddo for the first time, you can only hope that she will be comfortable enough to smile at this crazy stranger with a camera in her face.  And <name> totally did!!!  Having her special toy bounce on top of my camera throughout really helped as well.  (Ps.  This is one of my best tips for mommas who want their kiddos to look a the camera.  Bring their favorite toy and surprise them with it at the session.  Works every time!)




Natalie & Justin,


Thank you for sharing your sweet family with me for the morning.  I’m so blessed to have clients like you who are willing to adjust our start time to earlier in the morning when I know it’s going to be a HOT day.  LOL!  Jenna is the sweetest little thing and did sooo good at this session.  A true testament to you guys. 🙂

Can’t wait to see you all at our next session.




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