Josh & Blythe | A Fort Worth Surprise Proposal

She was in utter shock!  How did he do this without me noticing?  How did he plan such a beautiful set up, hire a photographer, and plan a weekend away for us in Fort Worth?


These were some of the questions that rolled through Blythe’s mind after a whirlwind proposal in Fort Worth.  Josh hadn’t shown a single sign today that he was nervous or planning anything beyond dinner for the two of them.  🙂


I LOVE these types of proposals.  The ones that catch the bride-to-be completely off guard.  The ones where genuine shock and awe are plastered all over her face.  And the moment she sees the ring, she audibly gasps.


This is the type of proposal that Josh pulled off for the love of his life, Blythe.  He knew she was special the day he met her and he wanted her to feel how much he loved her during the moment where he asked her the most important question he would ever ask her (beyond what do you want for dinner, of course… LOL!).  And he did so wonderfully!


I loved hiding behind a tree as they approached the location.  Trying to give them as much privacy as possible during this moment.


Then to be the first to say, “congratulations!!”  Priceless!



Josh & Blythe,


I am so blessed to have been there to photograph your proposal.  It’s moments like these that make me feel alive!  You two are an absolutely amazing couple and Blythe, you are going to be a STUNNING bride!!!


Thank you so much for allowing me to be there!  I hope you cherish these photos for the rest of your lives.  🙂



Kelli Holder




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