Little Miss Olivia | A St. Louis Newborn Lifestyle Session

The bonds of friendship and brotherhood (Nick was in Theta Xi) in college are unbreakable.  You meet each other during the best season in life where everyone is growing into the adults they want to be.  We step out of our parent’s home, move away from our family and create a new one.  And no matter the miles or years in between, this family lasts.


So when a friend of ours reached out to have their newborn photos taken, I was so unbelievably excited!!!


And boy, oh boy!  Olivia is the most darling little thing!  By the time we reached St. Louis, she was already 13 days old and was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.  After going through parenthood first-hand, we remembered just how precious this time is together at home.  Time to bond and etch this cute little face into our memories.


I remember the day we brought Aria home, so unsure of each thing we did.  Shoot!  My sister had to give Aria her first sponge bath since I was too nervous around her umbilical cord.  LOL!  But Jared and Caitlyn seem so at ease already.  They made it through the first week where new things like breastfeeding and sleep deprivation take over.  It’s easy to get emotional and jump on each other over every little thing, but these two were so in sync.   I cannot wait to see them take on parenthood over the years in the same manner.  🙂



Caitlyn & Jared,


Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your sweet little pumpkin.  I am so blessed to have been able to capture these photos for you all and hope that you love and cherish them for years to come.  Nick and I have been so excited to watch you both go through this journey into parenthood and we know without a doubt that you guys will be great.  I’ve secretly been praying for YEARS that Jared would meet the perfect woman who would make him a father as I could tell 13 years ago that he would be such a great one.


Caitlyn, your so beautiful and strong.  You brought this wonderful child into the world and are so at ease becoming her mother.  Keep rolling, girl!  You are awesome!


Love you both!

Kelli & Nick


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