Pennington Family | An Arbor Hills Girls Day

“A mother’s love will never end.  It’s there from beginning to end.”


This mother daughter session was so special to me.  Each little lady… little woman… (what should we call it these days when they are in between the high school to elementary phase??  LOL!) is in their own unique stage of life.  One almost headed off to play lacrosse in college, one loving her soccer journey through her middle school years, and one little dancer that is cute as a button.  I can’t even imagine the hours Christy spends cheering on her girls from the sidelines.  Each hour fully consumed in how proud she is of her little girl.


Being a mom of a daughter myself, I have found that there is no purest love and adoration on the planet that can compare to a love between mother and daughter.  You relate in so many ways having gone through the same life struggles of your own childhood that all you can do is sit, wonder and pray that your child finds self-love and strength in being a woman.  I can only imagine what raising teenagers is like, but to me it looks like Christy is rocking it.  Her girls all love her soooo much!  Of course they bicker with one another along the way.  (Who doesn’t with their sister while they are all under the same roof.)  But when you get each one on their own with their mom, it’s magic in front of me.


I hope you guys love the sneak peak into our session together at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX.





Thank you so much for sharing your girls with me for the day!  I had a great time getting to know you guys and I LOVE following your lives on Facebook now.  🙂  Your little ladies (yep!  I’m sticking with that now), are so special and talented in their own ways.  I can see you are a VERY proud momma bear!


I hope you guys have a great holiday season!



Kelli Holder

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