Seris Family | Flippen Park Family Session

So thankful to do life with this family!


We have one of the best small group families from church.  All our kids are around the same ages and it’s basically organized chaos each time we all get together for our monthly gatherings.  Out of all the families that we are connected to, I’ve always felt really connected to the Seris’s.  We both have ties to Missouri, our kiddos are literally 1 month apart (Aria is older than Walter & Declan is older than Ruby), we both had the same OB-GYN, Alexandra Goldman, who delivered our babies and shockingly, Lisa’s sister is ALSO a labor and delivery nurse.  All those coincidences are insane to me and instantly make me feel like I’m home when I am around them.


Then you have the added benefit that they are all absolutely amazing people.  Phil and Lisa are the kindest, most loyal, loving people I know.  Their love for their family, for God and each other is inspiring.  And Walter and Ruby are two perfect little mini-me’s of their parents.  They have such a special, loving bond with each other and genuinely love playing with one another.  (This shocks me every time as just trying to get Aria to hold Declan’s hand is as if I’m chopping it off of her.  LOL!)


I’m so grateful that I get these opportunities to check in with them outside of church and small group to capture their family’s season of life.  Each photoshoot is better than the last and seeing Walter and Ruby’s personalities grow each time is so fun.  I hope you guys love a little glimpse into our awesome session at Flippen Park (my absolute FAVORITE location for families and engagements… If you’ve been keeping up with my work, this place will look pretty familiar.  LOL!)




Phil & Lisa,


Thank you for continuing to trust me to capture these special moments in your life.  I love walking into your home and seeing these images flood your walls.  Your family is so special and one-of-a-kind.  You guys love each and everyone you meet so fully.  I’m so blessed to call you friend and to watch our kiddos grow up together as little disciples of the Lord.


Love you all!!!

Kelli Holder

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