A Gorgeous Dallas Bridal Session @ The Bowden

I have been blessed to serve some of the most lovable couples over the last few years and when I met Kristen & Tyler, I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph their love story.  Kristen made me feel welcome immediately as her excitement radiated through the phone and Tyler had this spark that can only be described as “true passion” for the lady sitting next to him (it was Kristen, don’t worry!  LOL!).


Each time I go into a one-on-one consultation with a potential couple, I think about my “why”, my reason for stepping away from my family for a few days (gotta love editing) to photograph someone else’s special day.  Early on when I made the decision to photograph weddings, I created a clear vision of who I would consider to be what I like to call a, “Kelli Bride” or a “KHCouple”.  In regards to my brides, I wanted to serve someone who was genuine, considerate, loving and most of all, was passionate about their faith in Christ.  And when I thought about my couples, I wanted to see all these characteristics shown toward one another during our consultation.


To me, choosing to love, cherish and support one person for the rest of our lives is incredible.  It’s a gift given to us.  To find that one person who makes you feel so loved, respected and understood.


Kristen (and Tyler) to their core are exactly what I would call a #kellibride and a #khcouple.  I love watching their love story play out over social media and during each visit we have with one another.  Kristen is absolutely radiant in her wedding dress (as you can see through her bridals below).







Thank you for being you!  You are so stunning in your wedding dress and as I write this blog, the day before your wedding day, I am so excited to see you in it again, but this time with the love of your life in tow.  Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day!  All the details you guys have put into creating the perfect experience for your loved ones are so endearing and I know there are going to be many happy tears shed throughout the day (myself included).


I can’t wait to see you guys soon!!!



Kelli Holder



Venue: The Bowden

Gown: Bridal Bliss

Hair and Makeup: The Hair Bar

Florals: Out of the Garden

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