Spring Time in Rockwall, TX | Declan & Aria

Can time please stand still???


Aria turned six (6!!! y’all!!!) in January and I am in utter awe of her.   She is so full of passion, ingenuity and is the sweetest kid ever.  Every single day she tells me how much she loves me.  Sometimes it’s as much as the moon and the stars in the sky.  Sometimes it’s how many years we’ll live together in heaven.  And sometimes it’s a million, thousand, hundred, trillion.  🙂  I can NEVER get enough of her and pray that she continues to be this sweet into her teenage years.  (No matter the fact that she just sneaked in my room with gummies “without” me seeing of course… LOL!)


She started Kindergarten in the Fall and has been steadily improving thanks to a wonderful teacher.  At the beginning of the year, she could barely recognize more than two letters and now she reading full sentences.  And the craftiness that’s she’s always shown has tripled in nature somehow.  My favorite “invention” to date has been her tricycle taped to her scooter, with a box on it so she could cart her toys all over the corner street.  The mind on this girl is unbelievable.


At six, she has learned so many things and feels sooo grown up, especially when she is next to her brother.  I’m so thankful that I can stop time in these images right here.


Declan is as mischievous as ever.  Half our photoshoot consisted of a meltdown, so we had to get creative.  I’m SHOCKED at how many images we got of him smiling and having a good time.  3 is a tough age.  He’s finally in a place where he can tell us what he wants and exerts his will accordingly.  Most days he is absolutely adorable and you just want to bundle him up giggling and give him kisses all over and then the next minute he’s crying because you kissed him too much.  🙂


He is so smart and keeps up with kiddos much older than him.  I love watching him take in the world and absorb it all.  He’s active, loves sports and cars, and cannot wait to start t-ball next week.  I cannot wait to see what the year has in store for him as we approach the godsend year of 4.


I hope you guys enjoy a glimpse into our world!







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